Monday, April 9, 2012

Note To Self: Walker Is Not a Step-stool

The last few days I have been very determined to clean up as much as possible.  At the end of my lease, I have intentions of leaving Texas - at least temporarily.  I feel it behooves me to begin straightening  and packing unneeded items now.  Procrastination is generally one of my stronger suits. I look to my bedroom closet as my initial priority.  Over time it has become somewhat cluttered, becoming home for items that don't even belong.  My girlfriend and I had procured a small, transportable charcoal grill for a previous vacation to a park.  It was never used because it was far too windy to to safely maintain a fire.  In the end, it traveled home unused only having been removed from the box and assembled.

Outside I felt that my walker was no longer a benefit to me, I had already determined that my wheelchair was my only means of external transport.  My previously mentioned grill and this walker moved into my bedroom closet as it had become my metaphorical rug; storage for items that needed to become "out of sight, out of mind."  My closet had become somewhat unusable having become the residence for the grill and walker, the grill having been perched precariously on top of the walker. I eventually freed up enough room to relocate the grill from the "seat" of the walker to the floor directly underneath for fear of it toppling.  This was a premonition.

Surveying the closet, I decided to clean off the upper shelves in hopes that I would find my missing social security card (which I needed to accompany an application that I was about to turn in).  I was desperately trying to avoid vising the social security office to apply for a replacement.  The upper reaches would have been difficult for those far less vertically challenged than me, so some form of step-stool would definitely be needed.  Spotting my recently cleared walker I looked both ways and decided to demonstrate my unlimited resourcefulness to nobody (while my lonely and stable step-stool awaited its retrieval in the kitchen, knowing that laziness would win this fight).  I should have known that this was a bad idea when I had to made use of various objects to maintain some balance and stability to my two foot journey to the walker.  Knowing that this cleared area of the walker was only intended to be used as a seat, I made the step up (which is surprising because getting in the car is a multi-step process in which I sit first, than lift my legs by hand into the car one at a time).  I was totally shocked that for a small instance in time, I was standing on the top of the walker.  This didn't last long as I immediately fell backward over the top of the walker and into the corner of my closet.  At this point, my upper half was upside down and wedged against the wall while my right foot was still resting on the walker.  I reached up and used my hands to remove the rest of me still clinging to my walker.  I notice a throbbing pain in my head, probably hit the back of it on the wall on my way down.  I quickly spot checked to insure that I was not impaled by some long since forgotten about object.  The grill that was out of the way stored under the walker was now...  in my way.  being very careful, I maneuvered the walker and grill out of the way, and slowly made my way to freedom.  Keep in mind, as one with MS that is normally wheelchair bound this tends to be a timely process.  Seeing that I was still alive, I realize that it's quite possible that my social security card still remains hidden somewhere within my closet.  I need to remember that my walker is not a step-stool.

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  1. hope you stocked up on aspirin, you definitely took a wild tumble.